Click here for more information. We look forward to meeting in the library again as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, some parts of our programme are now taking place online. You can stay in touch with what we’re up to by signing up to our weekly newsletter

I Search for an Artwork with These 25 Properties

I Search for an Artwork with These 25 Properties is a word search by Harun Morrison, who is working with us to design a new garden for Bootle Library

Remedies for Resistance

Do we know how to care for ourselves and each other? What is collective care? How do we practice collective care within our communities? Do we have medical knowledge? Do we have our own remedies? Have these passed along through family, kinship or through networks? How do we know or find about them? Who do we share them with and how?

Digital Chopping Club: Blackberrying

There are hundreds of microspecies of bramble in the UK, all of them differing slightly in flavour. Where are Bootle’s best brambles, and do they have their own unique taste?

Bootle Mappers – A Green Treasure Hunt

Bootle Mappers is a live treasure hunt exploring nature, wildlife and connected people and stories in Derby and Linacre. You sign up to become one of the esteemed Bootle Mappers and over 5 weeks we, the ‘mapping headquarters team’ will send you weekly quests to go on and small tasks to fulfill. Mark them on a map and return the gems you find back to us.

Human Library Voices: Foodsketz/You and I Eat the Same

Foodsketz joined us at Crosby Library for Blue Monday 2019, where we cooked a delicious flatbread feast together. This is a podcast recorded on the day, which includes many familiar voiced reading from the book ‘You and I Eat the Same’ On the Countless ways Food and Cooking Connect Us to One Another, Chris Ying and Rene Redzepi, which inspired the workshop.